An Outdoor Enthusiast's Paradise

Discover Miami Beach, an exceptional destination in the heart of Florida. This neighborhood is packed with outdoor activities from North Beach Oceanside Park to Normandy Shores Golf Club.

A variety of eateries and entertainment options line the palm-fringed streets, connecting you effortlessly to Downtown Miami and Bal Harbour.

Redefining Luxurious Beachfront Living

In this landscape, 72 Park emerges as a unique addition to Miami Beach’s evolution.

This project invites those who crave a vibrant beach life within Miami’s captivating atmosphere.

The location at 72 Park invites you to immerse in a vivacious, yet luxurious beach experience.

A World of Luxurious Comfort

At 72 Park, you’re spoiled for choice with extensive amenities spread across 64,000 square feet.

Enjoy a resort-style pool, an open-air bar, a modern fitness center, and more.

The 5th-floor restaurant and lounge provide stunning ocean views, and a rooftop sun deck offers panoramic views of Miami’s landscape.

A Sanctuary of Breathtaking Views

The residences at 72 Park boast open layouts from 470 to 1,177 sq.ft.

Enjoy panoramic views from your private sanctuary, with advanced smart-building technology and energy-efficient systems.

Experience modern luxury with a seamless connection to the outside world.

Lefferts Real Estate Development

72 Park is the masterpiece of Lefferts, a real estate development firm with a steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability.

With an impressive portfolio encompassing luxury condos, dynamic mixed-use developments, and premium retail spaces, Lefferts drives the industry’s innovation.

The Creative Forces of Built Form

Built Form, LLC, a comprehensive architectural firm, and Urban Robot Associates, a full-service design collective, bring together creative energies and technical capabilities to 72 Park.

Their combined expertise ensures a unique design narrative, leading to meaningful and memorable living experiences.

The Unrivaled Expertise

of Cervera Real Estate

Cervera Real Estate, a family-owned company, leads the Sales and Marketing of 72 Park.

With their extensive international network and decades of experience, they provide top-tier customer service and foster strong partnerships for clients’ success.

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